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2017 Ladies National Recruiting Showcase

June 27, 2016 / Tournament News
2017 Ladies National Recruiting Showcase

The 2017 Ladies saw action this weekend in the prestigous National Recruiting Showcase. They were not deterred by the competition as they turned out a 3-1 record once again. College coaches took note as one pulled our directors aside to let us know she “would take the entire team.” Well, thank you and so would we for the next 20 years if we could.

Only one more battle left for the summer. (sad face)
The U11, U13 and U15 were all attending the MD Lacrosse Tournament at Mcdonogh School this past weekend. If you did not notice the flag, I have no idea how.
(Our latest spectacle. Thank you parents.)
One of our favorite parts of having multiple teams in one spot ist he fact that we can see many of the teams play at once. As Directors, we love attending every game possible. The other love for us is that the teams also get to show support.
Below the U11 watches as the U13 competes on the field. Support, Team, Family are all things that mean a great deal to us. And this is just one example.

The U15 found themselves in the hunt for another Championship, but coming up one step short of the big game.

While the U11 and U13 found themselves in some real wars. The boys played from whistle to whislte and pulled out some wins and also suffered some losses along the way. Each squad played in very tough divisions and saw where they were excelling and areas of opportunity for the upcoming weeks.

Work for the better you each week and you will find him/her.
(U13 goalie, Grady, heads up field. securing another possession)
Down in Poolesville is where we would catch up with the JV Red. They competed in the MAD LAX event, Capital Classic.
The team went 2 and 2 in regular play recording a shut out and losing only by 1 in a game. They were able to move on to a semi final game, but came up short in a close 2 goal game. Still very proud of the work they put in. They faced some serious competition from around the country and showed what’s to come on the big stage for this group.

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